Front-end System Development Procedures
(for ISVs)


(1) Initial Contact ⁄ Meeting

If you decide to become a registered ISV of TFX, your first step will be to contact TFX to arrange a meeting or alternatively a conference call if you are located outside Japan. At this meeting ⁄ call, you will be asked about your company profile, business plan and services you can offer.
TFX will explain the necessary steps for becoming a registered ISV and answer questions you may have during this meeting ⁄ call.

(2) Submission of Documents

  • Company Profile
  • Financial Report
  • Past Performances, Business plans etc.

2. Conclusion of Contracts

Prior to starting development for the Front-end systems, you must enter into agreements with TFX.


(1)Release of Documents

TFX will release documents ⁄ specifications required for your system development .

(2)System Design and Development

4. Test Environment Setup (Installation of TFX designated Networks etc.)

In order to gain access to the test environment for conformance testing, the following applications should be completed:

  • Application ⁄ Installation of arrownet v2.0 network
  • Application for Use of Test Environment

5. Conformance Tests

After completing systems development, conformance tests will begin.
Upon successful completion of the conformance tests, TFX will confirm and notify you the test results.
After that, Trading Members will be able to use your Front-end system without conformance tests.
If your offerings include Hosting service, you will also need to have network connectivity to the Production Environment