About TFX

What is TFX?

Tokyo Financial Exchange Inc. (TFX) was established in April 1989 under the Financial Futures Trading Law of Japan.

In April 1989, TFX was established as a membership organization with the capital provided by large sized financial institutions from around the globe, and in April 2004, was demutualized and incorporated in order to strengthen corporate governance as well as to enhance convenience and transparency of the market. In addition, because the Financial Futures Trading Law was abolished and the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, which was revised with the Securities and Exchange Law, was enforced in September 2007, TFX transformed from a “Financial Futures Exchange” that handles only financial futures, into a more comprehensive “Financial Exchange” that handles any kind of financial products.

Under the new law, through responding to the needs of investors and promoting to develop the new lines of attractive products, TFX, as an advanced exchange, contributes to the growth of Japanese financial markets and is continuing to construct a reliable and leading market infrastructure.

Corporate Outline

Name Tokyo Financial Exchange Inc.
Address Tekko Building 8th Floor
1-8-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005
Founding April, 1989
Capital 5,844,650,000 yen
President & CEO Shozo Ohta
Staff 89 people (As of March 31, 2016)
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Our Organization Chart

Our Organization Chart

Board of Auditors

Board of Directors

President & CEO Shozo Ohta
Senior Managing Director Wataru Ito
Managing Director Takuo Hirota
Ryuji Obara
Member of the Board Takashi Imai
Masahiro Okuno-Fujiwara
Junko Hirakawa
Hidekazu Fukumoto
Shin Yoshidome

Self-Regulatory Committee

Chairperson Masahiro Okuno-Fujiwara
Members Shin Yoshidome
Ryuji Obara

Board of Auditors

Standing Statutory Auditor Nagao Hashimoto
Statutory Auditor Toshiyuki Tsukasaki
Shigeyuki Maeda

Advisory Committee

Interest Rate Futures Market Operation Committee

Chairperson Toshihiro Sato
Vice Chairperson Ramir Cimafranca
Members Souhei Okuno
Naoaki Kishida
Atsushi Koide
Masahiro Koshikawa
Takanori Kondo
Tetsuya Hiraoka
Eiju Yonekura

FX/Equity Index Market Operation Committee

Chairperson Norihiro Manabe
Vice Chairperson Tatsuki Yamamoto
Members Atsushi Koide
Ayumi Sato
Makoto Takeda
Rikiya Takebe
Takayuki Tatara
Takayuki Hayashi
Kenji Mori