Click365 : Historical Database

You can output and view historical data of TFX FX Daily futures products.

This is Historical Database of Click365 and Click Kabu 365 for retail clients.
Histrorical data of Interest Rate Futures products are available in the following site.

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Trade related data

Click 365 Number of Client Accounts, Margin Amount

Number of client accounts and depositied margin amount per month
Previous month's data will be uploaded by the 5th business day of the following month.


Click 365 Margin Reference Amount

Click 365 Margin Reference Amount (week)
Data will be uploaded at and around 3:00 pm every Monday


Daily Statistics Report

You can check daily trading volume, open/high/low/closing prices, open interest and swap points up to previous day.
Previous day's report will become available in the morning of the following business day.

All Currency Pairs: Daily Statistics Report
May 28,2024(PDF File:9KB) Uploaded:05/29/2024
May 27,2024(PDF File:9KB) Uploaded:05/28/2024
May 24,2024(PDF File:9KB) Uploaded:05/25/2024
May 23,2024(PDF File:9KB) Uploaded:05/24/2024
May 22,2024(PDF File:9KB) Uploaded:05/23/2024
Year Month Day
All Currency Pairs: Latest Trading Volume and Open Interest
May 28,2024(CSV File:5KB) Uploaded:05/29/2024
May 27,2024(CSV File:5KB) Uploaded:05/28/2024
May 24,2024(CSV File:5KB) Uploaded:05/25/2024
May 23,2024(CSV File:5KB) Uploaded:05/24/2024
May 22,2024(CSV File:5KB) Uploaded:05/23/2024
Year Month Day

Summary Data (Select currency pair and data range)

Data Range



Currency Pairs

Product launch date diffes by each currency pair. If you select a currency pair before its launch date, empty date will be displayed.
See the following table for the launch date of each currency pair.

[JPY pair]

[Non-JPY pair]

[Click 365 LARGE]

[Delisted/Suspended Currency pair]

Data Item

Other Historical Data

Monthly Statistics Report (January 2010 - )

Available information: monthly trading volume, open interest etc.*
*Previous month’s report will be uploaded by the 5th business day of the following month

PDF File (Approx. 2MB)

Year Month

Annual Statistics Report (1998 - 2015)

Available information: annual trading volume, open interest etc.
Publication of the annual report ended in 2015 version.

PDF File (Approx. 2MB)


FX Daily futures contracts Trading Volume Trends

Monthly and yearly trading volume and opent interest of each product.
Previous month's data will be uploaded on the first business day of the following month.


Launch Date

USD/JPY 07/01/2005
EUR/JPY 07/01/2005
GBP/JPY 07/01/2005
AUD/JPY 07/01/2005
CHF/JPY 10/24/2005
CAD/JPY 10/24/2005
NZD/JPY 10/24/2005
ZAR/JPY 10/27/2008
TRY/JPY 05/11/2015
NOK/JPY 10/27/2008
HKD/JPY 10/27/2008
SEK/JPY 10/27/2008
PLN/JPY 10/27/2008
MXN/JPY 10/30/2017
EUR/USD 10/27/2008
GBP/USD 10/27/2008
GBP/CHF 10/27/2008
USD/CHF 10/27/2008
USD/CAD 10/27/2008
AUD/USD 10/27/2008
EUR/CHF 10/27/2008
EUR/GBP 10/27/2008
NZD/USD 10/27/2008
EUR/AUD 10/27/2008
GBP/AUD 10/27/2008
USD/JPY (LARGE) 11/30/2015
EUR/JPY (LARGE) 11/30/2015
GBP/JPY (LARGE) 11/30/2015
AUD/JPY(LARGE) 11/30/2015
EUR/USD(LARGE) 11/30/2015