Market Data Services

Market Data Services (Interest Rate Futures Contracts)

TFX provides a real-time market data of its interest rate futures products via TFX market data distribution system, "ITA Wave" ("ITA Wave").
User can receive market data through a direct connection to TFX system ("Direct Use/User") or through a direct user such as a quote vendor ("Indirect Use").
Entry procedures and fees associated with the use of market data will defer depending on a user's status (i.e. Trading member or Non-Trading member). For more details, please visit the relevant section of this website.

Interest Rate Futures ContractsTick Data

TFX provides historical tick data∗ of its interest rate futures contracts. Please note that this service is subject to the following fees.
∗ Tick data is a time-series data of the past executions that include traded volumes and prices. For more details, please see "sample data" of this page.