For Institutional Clients

TFX currently lists the following Japanese Yen short-term interest rate futures and options products.
Trading of any of these products offers the same effect as fixing a future Yen interest rate at a specified level for a specified future period, providing an effective tool for hedging against and speculating on changes in Yen short-term interest rates.

TFX listed products (Interest Rate Futures Contracts)

Three-month TONA Futures

Options of TONA Euroyen Futures

Three-month Euroyen Futures

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Get the information about Types of Trading Memberships available at TFX and their acquisition process.

Find out TFX market data services for Interest Rate futures products. Entry procedures for information vendors are available in this section.


Discover the details about TFX Historical Tick Data provision services. Fees and methods of data delivery may differ by products.

Learn about TFX trading/clearing systems for Interest Rate futures products, including system development procedures for members and vendors.

Get the information about TFX Clearing services. As a financial instrument clearing organization licensed under Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, TFX clears all of its listed products as a central clearing house.

Access historical data (trading volume, open interest, open/high/low/last prices) of TFX listed products.