Privacy Policy

Tokyo Financial Exchange Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the "Exchange" or "its") hereby publicly announces that it has adopted, in engaging in its business, a privacy policy regarding the proper protection and use of personal information ("Personal Information"), as follows:

1. Privacy Policy

The Exchange will endeavor to properly protect and use the Personal Information in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations, etc. and the provisions set forth in this privacy policy. Furthermore, in order to take proper measures in response to the advances in information technology, the Exchange will endeavor to make continual improvements on its administration system and its handling method by taking measures such as making necessary reexamination.

2. Proper Acquisition, Usage and Provision of Personal Information

  1. The Exchange will properly and lawfully acquire Personal Information to the extent necessary for its business.
  2. Unless otherwise provided in the relevant law, regulation, etc., the Exchange will use the Personal Information only to the extent necessary to fulfill its objectives.
  3. In the event that the Exchange provides the Personal Information to or jointly uses the Personal Information with, a third party, it will obtain your prior approval unless otherwise provided in the relevant law, regulation, etc.
  4. Unless otherwise provided in the relevant law, regulation, etc., the Exchange will not acquire, use or provide to a third party any sensitive information.

3. Public Announcement on Objectives

Unless the public announcement on its objectives has already been made in advance, upon its acquisition of the Personal Information, the Exchange will determine its objectives for using the Personal Information and either publicly announce or notify or clarify to you on such objectives.

4. Acquisition and Use of Personal Information under the Self-Regulatory Tasks

For the purpose of developing fair market values and ensuring smooth clearing and settlements in the financial instruments exchange markets and carrying out the task of protecting investors (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Self-Regulatory Tasks"), the Exchange has adopted the articles of association and other rules pursuant to the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, and requests Trading Members, etc. (including Clearing Members) to submit necessary reports and data including Personal Information. Notwithstanding Article 3 above, in such cases, there may be times when the Exchange will not make a public announcement or notify or clarify to you on its objectives for using your Personal Information.

With respect to the Personal Information acquired under the Self-Regulatory Tasks, the Exchange limits the usage of the information only to the objectives for Self-Regulatory Tasks. In the event that the Exchange receives a request from other self-regulatory institution (including any authorized associations concerning financial instruments exchange and other equivalent domestic or foreign institutions) for such Personal Information and the Exchange deems the compliance to such request as reasonable, notwithstanding Article 2 above, there may be times when the Exchange will provide the Personal Information to such self-regulatory institution.

5. Security Measures

The Exchange will continue to take proper security measures for the prevention of any divulgement, loss, damage, etc. of Personal Information. The Exchange will also provide proper training to its officers and employees. In the event that the Exchange entrusts the Personal Information to a third party, the Exchange will properly supervise such third party.

6. Disclosures, etc. of Personal Information

In the event that you or the person who has been entrusted by you makes a request for (i) disclosure of or corrections, additions or deletions to your Personal Information, (ii) cancellation or temporary suspension on the use of your Personal Information, (iii) temporary suspension on the third party's access to your Personal Information, or (iv) notification setting forth the Exchange's objectives on its use of your Personal Information, the Exchange will provide a bona fide response to such request.

7. Contact Information

The Exchange will endeavor to maintain methods enabling the Exchange to promptly provide a bona fide response to any inquiries, complaints, etc, regarding the handling of your Personal Information. For details on contact methods, please see "CONTACT US."

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