Trade related data: TFX Historical Database

TFX discloses past trading information of its listed products, aiming to provide souces for investment decisions for retail investors as well as a reference for corporates and reserch institutions.

Notes and Disclaimer

  • The copyright of TFX Historical Database (TFX DB) is held by the Tokyo Financial Exchange (TFX).
  • TFX does not impose any restrictions or fees for the use of TFX DB.
  • While every effort has been taken to ensure the information contained on TFX DB is correct, TFX makes no guarantee the accuracy or correctness of the information.
  • TFX reserves the right to change or delete the contents of TFX DB without prior notice.
  • TFX assumes no responsibility for any action taken based on TFX DB.
  • TFX may temporarily suspend provision of information due to system maintenance, system failure, etc.

TFX Statistics Report

Monthly Statistics Report (Jan. 2010 -)

Available information: monthly trading volume, open interest etc.
Previous month’s report will be uploaded by the 5th business day of the following month

PDF File (Approx. 2MB)

Year Month

Annual Statistics Report (1998 - 2015)

Available information: annual trading volume, open interest etc.
Publication of the annual report ended in 2015 version.

PDF File (Approx. 2MB)


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