Our Business


TFX's business platform

Listing and Operating Financial derivatives

TFX lists and operates various financial derivatives for institutional clients as well as for indivisual clients such as "Click 365" (FX Daily Futures contracts) and "Click Kabu 365" (Equity Index Daily Futures contracts).

  • Three-month Euroyen futures
  • Options on Three-month Euroyen futures
  • Six-month Euroyen LIBOR futures
  • Overnight Call Rate futures
  • FX Daily Futures contracts ( Click 365 )
  • Equity Index Daily Futures contracts ( Click Kabu 365 )

Clearing Business

A Clearing Membership

A“clearing member” is a Member qualified for acting as counterparty in the financial instruments obligation assumption business operated by the TFX.

TFX has been approved as a clearing house under the FIEA and provides the Clearing Business for listed products.

Market Data Services

Providing market data

TFX provides paid information services of each listed products.


TFX signed Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) with various exchanges home and abroad