Trading System Overview

Trading System Overview (Interest Rate Futures Contracts)


TFX upgraded its Trading System, Clearing System and Market Data Distribution System (collectively called "Exchange system") of the interest rate futures market in July, 2019. TFX selected FIX Protocol, a standard electronic communication protocol for securities transaction, for the new trading system. Trading members are able to utilize a certain strategy and a variety of order types that the new system supports for trading Three month Euroyen futures etc,


You can trade Three-month Euroyen futures and other interest rate futures contracts listed on TFX either via (1) TFX Trading Software, (2) Trading Members' own proprietary Front-end system, or (3) a third party application developed by an independent software vendor (ISV)
In any case, Trading Members must access the TFX market via a TFX designated network (this excludes users of Hosting services∗ offered by some of the registered ISVs of TFX).
∗ Hosting Service: One of the services offered by ISVs who provide Front-end trading access, including trading application, network connectivity for trading on the Interest Rate Futures markets.

  1. (1). TFX Trading Software (for Trading Members only)
    TFX Trading Software "TFX Trade-i", a web based Front-end System developed by TFX is available to all Trading Members.
    A Trading Member who wishes to use TFX Trade-i must enter into a user agreement with TFX.
  2. (2). Members' own proprietary Front-end System
    A Trading Member may develop its own proprietary Front-end System either in-house or through subcontracting.
    Prior to its development and use, a Trading Member must enter into agreements with TFX.
  3. (3). ISVs
    A Trading member may choose to purchase a Front-end System designed and developed by ISVs registered to TFX.
    In order to utilize an ISV system, a Trading Member needs to submit application forms to TFX.

-List of ISVs ⁄ Subcontractors(Front-end System)

Information for Ddevelopers (For Front-end System)

1. For Trading Members' in-house developers ⁄ subcontractors

A Trading Member may develop its own proprietary Front-end System that meets its business models and needs either (1) in-house development or (2) development by a subcontractor.
In both cases, a Trading Member will be the main party to contracts, applications, and communications relating to systems development with TFX.
Before putting the developed system into operation, the Trading Member must pass conformance tests and a market entry test in the Test Environment.

A Trading Member who subcontracts the system development to a third party must complete and submit "Application on Authorization for Disclosure of Confidential Information" to TFX before disclosing confidential information to a subcontractor.


To become a registered ISV of TFX, an applicant must enter into contractual agreements relating to system development with TFX.
After completing all the necessary processes, TFX will list name and contact information of an applicant on the TFX website, if requested.