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Extension of Fee Waiver Program for Three-month TONA futures

11 Mar, 2024

 To promote the active trading and greater market liquidity of Three-month TONA futures further, Tokyo Financial Exchange Inc. (“TFX”) will extend the period of the fee waiver program for the new product until the end of June 2024. TFX is committed to revitalizing the financial markets with these initiatives.

1. Product
All contract months of Three-month TONA futures

2. Discount Program
(1) Transaction
 Both house account transactions and customer account transactions executed by Interest Rate Futures Trading Members (Including those traded by block trade and strategy trade)

(2) Fees
 Per-contract Exchange fees waiver
 (Including the fees for give-ups and final settlements)
 ※ No application is required to apply this program

(3) Period
 From April 1st 2024 to June 28th 2024
 ※Effective from the beginning of Night Session (15:30 JST) on March 29th 2024 to the end of
  the Day Session (15:30 JST) on June 28th 2024.

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