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TIFFE's Three-month Euroyen Futures Monthly Trading Volume Exceeds 1,000,000 contracts

(June 17, 2004)

As of 17 June, 2004, the monthly trading volume of Three-month Euroyen Futures traded on Tokyo International Financial Futures Exchange has reached 1,029,213 contracts (9 business days remaining).

The volume level of 1,000,000 contracts in one month is since February 2001, when the trade volume recorded 1,073,040 contracts. The daily trading volumes for June 2004 up to today are as follows:

DateDaily VolumeMonthly Volume
   June 1st 22,79522,795
   June 2nd 15,54938,344
   June 3rd 30,60768,951
   June 4th 48,703117,654
   June 7th 30,837148,491
   June 8th 86,461234,952
   June 9th 192,703427,655
   June 10th 193,509621,164
   June 11th 83,132704,296
   June 14th 98,992803,288
   June 15th 71,962875,250
   June 16th 76,952952,202
   June 17th 77,0111,029,213

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