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June 9th's Daily Total Trading Volume Exceeds 200,000contracts

(June 9, 2004)

The total trading volume today on Tokyo International Financial Futures Exchange was 209,813 contracts.

The trading volume of Three-month Euroyen futures was 192,703> contracts. This is a volume level for one trading day since July 13, 2000, which traded 170,931contracts. Other recent daily volume levels which have been in this range are as follows:

   January 22, 2000 159,199 contracts
   March 1, 2001 139,233 contracts
   August 20, 2003 129,679 contracts

Today's total volume for \ SwapnoteTM (Yen Interest Rate Swap futures) was 17,110 contracts(5-year \ SwapnoteTMwas 11,800, 10-year \ SwapnoteTMwas 5,310).

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