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Now Available - New button to link TIFFE Homepage to J-CDS Homepage (TIFFE's separate Homepage dedicated to distributing CDS Reference Rate)

(May 17, 2004)

Tokyo International Financial Futures Exchange Inc. (TIFFE) distributes a benchmark rate for Credit Default Swap (CDS) transactions ('CDS Reference Rate*1') from its separate Homepage "J-CDS"(

A "J-CDS button" is now available in the menu bars of this Homepage (e.g. Top Page bottom left) to directly link this page to the J-CDS Homepage.
Please use for your convenience when you'd like to go to the J-CDS Homepage.

*1 A CDS Reference Rate is the singular rate calculated from the best indicative rates in the OTC market provided by financial institutions.

*2 When TIFFE launches a new futures product related to CDS, CDS Reference Rates will be utilized for rates of the underlyings.

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