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TIFFE introduces RFQ(Request For Quote)

(July 28,2000)

TIFFE introduces the RFQ facility on 7th August 2000.

RFQ is a facility for a member and its customer to ask other members for placing bid/ask orders by showing a RFQ message on the terminal screens.

A member who requests to show the message informs TIFFE of the contents ※  and its RFQ message will be displayed on the terminal screens.

RFQ will provide more trading opportunities for products with a low liquidity, such as back months of Euroyen futures. Customers can also use RFQ through members. Anonymity of applicants and RFQ trading is kept.

※The RFQ contents to be displayed on the screen are as below:
a. "Bid, Offer or Bid and Offer" to be requested
b. "Contracts" to be requested
c. "Volume" to be requested