News File

Trading Hours on the Last Trading Day

(June 7,1999)

June 14 is the last trading day for all June 1999 contracts.
It is the first time for Three-month Euroyen LIBOR futures contract to expire since it has been launched.
TIFFE will here notify the closing hours for each contract on the last trading day.

Closing for each contract

June 1999 contracts
  1. Three-month Euroyen futures(TIBOR based), Options on Three-month Euroyen futures, Calendar spreads on Three-month Euroyen futures :
    AM 11:00 Japan Standard Time
  2. Three-month Euroyen LIBOR futures :
    PM 7:00 JST
  3. U.S. Dollar-Japanese Yen currency futures :
    AM 10:45 JST

Other contract months
All contract months except for June 1999 :
PM 7:00 JST*

* On this day(June 14), the Bank of Japan*s Policy Board Decision is scheduled to be released. If the decision is not announced by PM 5:00, closing may be temporarily extended till PM 8:00.