News File

Perfect results of Industry-wide Y2K Test on TIFFE

(May 27, 1999)

On 15 and 16 of May, TIFFE had the Industry-wide Y2K Test with Bank of Japan, banking industry, securities industry, members of TIFFE(99 members) and information vendors(8 firms).
Through the Test, TIFFE confirmed that our trading terminals, host computers, clearing and processing systems, JPY settlement of TIFFE on the Bank of Japan financial network system(BOJ-Net), etc. are completely performed under the Y2K circumstances without having any trouble.
TIFFE also confirmed that date interface and transfer between various systems and networks are done completely.
TIFFE is scheduled to have following tests in this July and October.
- 25 July 1999 (under the circumstance of 29 February 2000)
- October 1999 ( Y2K rollover test)
TIFFE is also now making its Contingency Plan for Y2K disruptions, which will be published by the end of this June on this Web site.