News File

Framework indicating the level of preparation of TIFFE SYSTEM with respect to the Year 2000 (No.3)

(Apr 13, 1999)

 1. TIFFE's fully automated computer trading system(FACTS) 

 Central System  
 Network interface  
 Participants' front-end-system 
Member's terminal system
The system which
receives TIFFE
market information
Main functions
1)Matching system

2)Clearing system

3)Market database system

4)Market information system
Connectivity between
participant's system
and network
Connectivity between
participant's network
interface and
TIFFE's central system
1)Order entry

2)trade registration

3)output of reports
Receiving TIFFE
market information
Members and information vendors
Technical platform
Hitachi VOS3/FS
Hitachi HI-UX/WE2
(Hitachi 3500)
Leased line
Windows NT
It depends on each participant
Status of preparation

Internal testing was completed
It depends on each participant
Internal testing
start date

August 1997
It depends on each participant
Internal testing
end date

March 1998
It depends on each participant
Testing by
external participants

Yes *1
Yes *1
External testing start date

May 1999
External testing
completion date

May 1999
Final Planned date of implementation

March 1998
May 1999
Connections with
other external system

Off-line: Bank of Japan, Chase Manhattan Bank

*1 : We will carry out external testing concerning FACTS and participants' system on 15 and 16 May,1999 with Bank of Japan, Tokyo Stock Exchange, ZENGINKYO(Federation of Bankers Association of Japan) and so on.

 2. The other software (stand alone) which the TIFFE provides

  1.  TIFFE PC-SPAN for members' terminal system
    The Y2K compliance is completed.(All version)
    The software complied with the Y2K (S2/01) was provided in March, 1999. It is necessary to upgrade to the latest version for any user of the software earlier than Version S2/01.
  3.  The Dealing Support System for Options on Three Month Euroyen Futures
    The software which is complied with the Y2K was provided in November,1998.